For thousands of years, civilizations have evolved using the essential building blocks of life
: air, water and the nurturing ingredients found in natural foods of the earth.
We believe these building blocks serve as the foundation for all things healthy
and the source by which 99% of common health issues may be addressed.
Moving forward to the present day, Vollara is part of a family of companies
having over 90 years of experience as business innovators,
and positioning Vollara as a global leader in natural health and ecofriendly technologies.
This family of companies is ranked in the top forty direct selling companies in the world,
and provides us opportunity to share our philosophy of
Uncompromising Health™ in 22 countries on five continents.


SHEMA MCCOY - Life Changer



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Total Life Changes (TLC) is a global company committed to changing people’s lives

across the world made with the highest quality ingredients to support digestive balance,

weight maintenance, nutritional well-being, and more

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