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I am a gospel r/b songwriter/singer who has written, recorded, and produced many songs. my music is listed under the genre of gospel, with the sound of soul that induces audiences to relax while being uplifted and inspired by the lyrics. My music has a taste of "old-school" smooth sound that brings back the sounds of the 90s, while it focuses on a melody that relates to the contemporary listener's preference. Each song is a testimony of God's grace and mercy in my life, and my gratefulness towards a God that recovered me from two devastating deaths, after my deliverance from a life of destruction.


It wasn't until my move to New York in the early 80s that I began to feel I was gifted in writing lyrics. My first written song titled, "Problem Child," was later produced as a Weekly TV Show, titled "Problem Child 1&2. The lyrics for the song were written in the studio in 15 minutes. However, in recent years, God began to give me melodies and gospel lyrics almost weekly. I write as many as two songs per week with melodies and arrangement as he hears them.
My latest release, "My Mind is on Jesus," is a testimony of God's grace in my life and a message to the world proclaiming God's desire to save, deliver and redeem even the lowest of the lowest.
Three of my songs have won "Best Gospel Music Awards--contests were sponsored by Poze Production Records.

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 Minister Calvin Allen is compassionate about people of God that are abused in any capacity. His purpose and calling is to serve God in informing and helping people make wise choices in choosing a church that lives by the Bible in words, and in deeds. Like Jesus, his focus is on the sinner, who, through bad choices and issues of life, has lost their way.
Minister Calvin is an author, minister, addiction counselor, and an award winning gospel music artist, whom God delivered from two devastating deaths. He holds two associates degrees in theology and human services, and currently pursuing his Bachelors in Organizational Behavior. He hosts an Overcomers Outreach Group weekly, while walking the streets in his community seeking those that are depraved and destitute. He volunteers on the Pastoral Team at the local hospital.

Minister Calvin is a voice of Hope for the lost—the sinner, who, seeks refuge in a societal structure that seems to be falling apart.

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There are very few people in our world today that don’t know what season we’re in. We’re living in the “last Days,” before Jesus “ascend from heaven with a shout.” The Bible teaches us that when all the Gospel have been preached to all the nations, he will return for a remnant of people who have made themselves ready for His return. Jesus will, is that none should perish, but that, as many as will believe on His name, shall live with Him forever.

There will be people walking around heaven that you would have thought would not have made it in. They will be the ones who for whatever reason found it hard to have the faith that it takes to endure trials, tribulations, and tests. Some of them believed, but had no foundation. Still others believed, but when touched by the enemy in certain areas, wavered and was told they needed to be “born again,” or they were unable to endure persecution, and they temporarily left God. Others have known very little about Him and the things of this world became more appealing than seeking God, and there will also be those who have rejected Him, for reasons that only they know of.

God will bring in all who receive Him. He will rebuild the desolate City with those who have been rejected, persecuted, despitefully used, and “castaway.” He is no longer angry, but merciful, compassionate, longsuffering, forbearing, patient, graceful, faithful, loving, kind, and forgiving. He loves the world so much, that He waits for the latter rain: those who will be drawn in by Father God. The Bible also teaches us, “Judgment must first began, in the house of God.” God has a fold that is sealed, but must endure to the end. He has other sheep also that he will bring, that’s not of that fold. He’s married to the backslider.



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