E. A. Pinder III & Associates Inc.

E. A. Pinder III & Associates Inc.

E. A. Pinder III & Associates Inc.

We cover:  Life, Health, Retirement Planning, Financial Services.



An Agency that provides Life, Health, Disability, and Retirement Planning Services.

E A. PINDER III has worked as a financial professional in the Tampa Bay Area, for over 40 years, managing over $50 Million in Clients Assets.

E A. PINDER III believes that knowledge is Power, and we are our "Brothers Keeper"

E A. PINDER III goal is to serve his community by  Financial Literacy.

E A. PINDER III will acheive this goal by partnering with the community and community stakeholders to empower his audience through Financial Literacy. On how to utilize and make informed financial decisions. 

E A. PINDER III makes the complex simple.



Financial Professional

 Partner & Associate of E.A. Pinder III & Associates Inc.

  licensed Financial Professional Specializing in Life, Health,

Wealth Building & Retirement Planning; Sales, Recruiting and Training

Greeting from E.A. Pinder III & Associates,


E A. PINDER III are a Financial Professional Group. 

Our purpose is to serve our community through providing financial literacy.  We make the complex simple.

One of his largest clients is Hillsborough County public Schools.

E A. PINDER III would like to share with your group "Financial Literacy for Life".  

This presentation is designed to educate, inform and take the mystery out of Planning for the Predictable and insuring  for the Unpredictable. 

We will cover:

   * Health Insurance - how to qualify, receive a subsidy and choose the right plan without paying a fortune. Answer questions concerning the Affordable Act. 

       We also specialize in All-inclusive Medicare plans that require no additional Supplement or Drug plan purchase at $0 per month in premium for those who are 65 years and older or on disability at any age.  Medicare Advantage made simple.

    * Life Insurance- how to use it as an investment tool and how to get the most insurance for the lowest price. Learn how to calculate the amount of insurance you need.  Never be underinsured

    *Retirement Planning- How to plan for your retirement. Retire well so that you live well.  Low risk investments with best rate yield. Growing Your Tax-Free Income. We assist you in creating a secured retirement that you can’t out-live.  Learn what the pros know!

We are available to schedule workshops, private meetings and group workshops. 

Knowledge is Power and Time is of the Essence.

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Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

E.A. Pinder III & Associates
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