LARGE LifeStyle Affiliate Program

LARGE LifeStyle Affiliate Program

LARGE LifeStyle Affiliate Program

LARGE International

Love And Respect God's Entrepreneurs International

is a powerful directory for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Every successful business was once an idea.

 Our  mission is to support entrepreneurs and the local economy,

by merging local resources in one place on the web,

 pointing local consumers to quality small businesses within their community

The greatest economic resource to grow any business is

a constant flow of new customers.

Our LARGE Formula is a 30-day plan to increase

customer count,

customer loyalty, and customer spending.



Customers are the life blood of your business.


How can you get more customers without spending,

thousands of dollars on an Ad Campaign?

 LARGE International has the answer,

"Local Area Retail Growth Effect"

The L.A.R.G.E. Effect

 This is how it works!


You enter as one, then invite 4 companies you shop with to your wealth circle. When they join, the economic resources of now 5 companies are merged in a circle of exchange. In one weeks time your customer base has been maximized 4 times. Now imagine what can happen in 4 short weeks!   1-4-16-64-256. You can maximize your client base 256 times larger than it is right now.

Now you have a wealth circle of 256 companies that have a mutual interest in your companies success.

Why? It's simple Economics!

If you connect 256 small business owners, that generate an average of $30 Thousand in annual revenue, which they commit to spend only with each other, that would amount to a $7.6 Million Dollar Wealth Circle.

The diversity in the circle of businesses, is what makes the money stay in the circle.

When you join LARGE INTL.COM  your business becomes a part of a Wealth Circle. Each new business adds value, and wealth to the circle! Our motto is simple; Support those who support You! A simple commitment can increase your profits an estimated, $2500 Dollars. More money on the bottom line of each of the participating companies each month, with no additional spending.

Let's do the math;

$30,000.00 x 256= $7,680,000.00/12 = $640,000.00/256 = $2500.00

Lifestyle  Affiliate Program  


Getting Your Business Connected Today?

Creating multiple streams of income is your key to wealth and prosperity! Now, what's next? You need to advertise and, market your goods or services. Go to the Menu and click on the Advertise tab to compare memberships  and choose one that is right for you.

Now you have a means of marketing your business from home. A home based business, using social media network technology is a way to secure your dreams today!

LARGE International keeps it simple.

We provide an affordable marketplace, as well as advertising,  and marketing for your company, for one flat rate. Wow! That all sounds great but, what if I don't know what I want to do yet? No problem, at LARGE we are looking for people like yourself, who want to earn some extra cash while keeping their options open, for the future.

LARGE is built by referral ONLY!

As a member, You can help us add quality businesses to the LARGE International Business Directory,


As a LARGE LifeStyle Affiliate/Entrepreneur, you will learn how to present  and market a product and yourself to the community as an entrepreneur/business owner, through our mentoring programs.

Affiliate Mentoring

Our VIP Affiliates Learn how to present themselves as entrepreneurs in the community, while building their own Wealth Circle within the LARGE Business Community.

At the end of your Wealth Circle Training Course

You will have a completed wealth circle of 256 companies, who are business owners and entrepreneurs like yourself, who know you and are ready to do business with you. During your training you will learn how to present a  product to a customer and how to close a sale. The money you will earn during your training can now be used as seed for your new business. Your final step is to invite everyone to the Grand Opening of your new on line store.


Circle Training

Circle Completion Bonus  $$$$



VIP Lifestyle  Membership Rewards Program  click here to join


Our VIP members enjoy, a host of great benefits designed to help support you and your business.


*) First Monday's - LARGE LifeStyle Business Connections ; Every First Monday, Meet, Greet, & Connect with your Wealth Circle! Hosted @ Circle Locations!

1) Quarterly Conferences, Retreats, and Seminars to keep you on the cutting edge of all the latest trends and technologies in today's market. VIP's qualify for one free conference every year

2) Monthly  Webinars hosted by National Business Leaders and Personal Development Coaches. No Cost for VIP's

3) Discounted Broadcast & Advertising rates on LARGE LifeStyle TV, and WDALRADIO.COM

4) Lifestyle VIP Membership Rewards - You can receive a residual income from your Wealth Circle, for as long as you retain your membership!smiley


Estimated Wealth Circle Residual Based on

L.A.R.G.E. Silver Membership Rewards 

STOP! Let's Recap,

You join,

Invite 4 you shop with to join your Wealth Circle,

A 25% referral commission is paid to you for each,

You receive a 100% ROI, = Virtually Free Membership!

You are now qualified for LARGE Membership Rewards,

Your 4 do the same,

You continue running your company using LARGE

to  help market, promote, and sell your goods and services.   

Your 4x4 Smart Technology Wealth Circle continues to grow!

A complete Silver Wealth Circle is 256 

L.A.R.G.E.  Listings are Free Act Now!

LARGE Membership Rewards are for Paid Memberships Only!



Disclaimer;{Results may vary. The Membership Rewards Promotion is based on participation and may be cancelled at any time, without notice.}


4) Achievement Awards

a. LARGE Logo - Lapel Pin

b. Silver - Blue Polo & Cap

c. Gold - Black Polo & Cap

d. Platinum - Purple Polo & Cap

e. Diamond -  LARGE Logo Diamond Lapel pin

f. Cruises & Vacations

 More benefits to be announced!


 "Love And Respect God's Entrepreneurs"

Over the past decade we have witnessed the power of the Internet in connecting global markets and creating vast e-commerce engines. Large National / International Corporations have dominated the majority of online advertising. A definitive group left behind: Local Business Owners.
Today's ROI on Radio, Television, Print Media has vastly decreased due to Internet savvy consumers. There is a massive void in today's marketplace for a cost efficient solution allowing Local Companies to connect with Local Online Consumers

LARGE International

Provides far superior value to business owners than standard Search Engine Optimization or Search Directories. Business success is dependent on repeated exposure to local consumers. Historically this has been accomplished via traditional Radio, Television, and Print Media. These venues are far less viable due to factors listed above. Today local consumers are online more than ever before in history. 63% of consumers today have already thrown away their Yellow Pages and now exclusively seek for their local product and service needs online. Local consumers are online Shopping, Blogging, Gaming, Socializing and more.
Through LARGE International, business owners can feature their company in the exact zip code they select while also receiving the highest degree of Professional Branding Features including Logo Display, Coupons, Image Gallery, Videos, Radio, Interactive Driving Directions, Consumer Feedback and more. VIP Memberships; starting at less than $1.40 per day with no hidden cost, hosting, or maintenance fees - no contracts - and 100% trackable results.

Join Now!


To check out all the features, click on  Advertise at the top of this page.

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