The L.A.R.G.E. Effect

The L.A.R.G.E. Effect







LARGE “Local Area Retail Growth Effect”.

This occurs when local businesses advertise together.    Advertising your business becomes less expensive and more effective. Customers love it because, everything can be found in one place, saving them time and money. Your best  customer is the local customer, This is a proven business model, commonly referred to as the one stop   shopping experience or, mall shopping.  LARGE International links together local small businesses to establish Wealth Circles, on our customer sharing platform. By using a self advertising system, coupled with social media, we have created a virtual mall, which is convenient for customers, and supports local business. With today's  cutting edge technology,  we have put local small business shopping, and resources in the palm of your hand.

Community Advertising Fellowship

What is a “Community Advertising Fellowship”?

A group of local companies that shop with each other and refer one another.     The Key advantages of a  community advertising fellowship are;

LocalConvenient, Cost effective, Secure - Live, work, and play in your own community.

Area Advertisinggood information shared through one source creating value & interest.

Retailgoods and services available for purchase in store.

Growth - facilitated by the awareness of local goods and services.

Effect - Low advertising cost, better prices, more customers, stronger communities, more jobs, business longevity


Why advertise in community?

Strengthen the local economy , and provide more resources for your community.

Fellowship advertising is, spreading the good word on who has  what, and where to get help when  you need it. From Business to Business to Community, a good word from a business owner about another business in the community. Referring a client to a fellow business owner in the community.


For More Information about membership click Advertise in the Menu Bar                      or Call Adrian @ 904-454-9563 and leave a message! (response time 24 hrs.)


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