Donald L. Dowridge Jr.

Donald  L. Dowridge Jr.

Keynote Speaker, Self-Improvement Consultant, Mentor, Facilitator, Instructor, Self-Published Author, Actor & Innovator!
One can use either or all of these titles to describe Mr. Donald L. Dowridge, Jr.  Twenty-Seven (27) Years of experience in the public and private sectors have allowed this Guru to embark upon many lives and help change a generations by giving a positive vision to of prosperity.
Dowridge's lectures / seminars consistently draw major attention throughout the country. He lectures at churches of various denominations, elementary, middle, high schools, and colleges/universities. This includes addressing professional groups / organizations, and many businesses.
What sets Mr. Donald L. Dowridge, Jr. apart from a crowded pack of motivational speakers? He is a remarkable and powerful presenter who is very humous, entertaining, knowledgeable, compassionate, dramatic and most of all, offers a message that is very powerful.







              “THE 2013 PRESIDENTIAL AWARD”

                                “2014 / 2015 HEAD START H. I. M. AWARD”

                                               & “2016 LEGENDS AWARD”

Donald L. Dowridge, Jr., founder and CEO of DLD (Determined to Learn and Develop) Enterprises (established in 1992).

Celebrating Twenty- Seven Years as the ultimate Motivational Guru! DLD is ambitious in creating new dimensions of motivation for those seeking achieving the positive advantages of their life. “Dreams to Reality” that’s DLD’s Motto! His inspiring messages deliver feasible avenues to the pinnacle of success. This Guru has carved out a blazing path of Mentoring, Facilitating, Keynote Speaking & Empowerment throughout America


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