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Most entrepreneurs are trendsetters, with inspiring ideas and programs we all need to see and hear..                                                                                                                            Our Lifestyle VIP Diamond Media Membership, is powerful, cost effective, and designed for  media entrepreneurs.

As a  Lifestyle VIP Diamond Media Member your Web Page on the LARGE network will  connect viewers to your weekly      scheduled broadcast . You will have the ability to use social media to connect with today’s audience

 Multi Screen Video Access available now! 

. Most city’s today are full of entrepreneurs that need the support of the customers in their local community. 


                                    LARGE has been described by some as a “Safety Net for Small Business”,                                  

 Our L.A.R.G.E . Formula creates a Wealth Circle to strengthen and support the businesses within your community. Your potential advertisers!

Our VIP  Diamond Media Package includes;

1] A web page for your business that includes , Social Media, E-commerce, and more

2] Your 1-hour weekly broadcast on LARGE Lifestyle TV, with on demand content links on your web page

3] Banner ad space to promote your products or show on the LARGE Network

4] LARGE Lifestyle Magazine Feature article

 The Annual VIP Diamond Membership for LARGE is $299 per Quarter

 Membership Gives you access to having your own show on LARGE Lifestyle TV 


Scheduling Format
Morning 6am to 12 NoonMid Day 12 Noon to 6pm

Evening 6pm to Midnight       Movies, Concerts, Shows

Overnite Mid Night to 6am Discounted Rates
1 hr. programs = 4 x13 min. segments

1/2 hr. programs 2 x 13 min,=. segments

13 or 26 min. segmentsStandard show formats apply. Ideal time slot for building sponsorship, when launching new programs
4 x 2 Min. breaks =16 x 30 second spots2 x 1 min., 1 x 2 min. breaks = 8 x 30 second spots 2/4/24 - 16 x 30 second Spots per hour. Maximum program time 3 hours 


Specifications; Video must be submitted in MP4 format and be no larger than 10 gig’s

Each show will remain on demand for 30 days unless otherwise specified



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