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Chantell Rosson

Minister - Psalmist - Mentor



Evangelist Chantell Rosson has had The Call of God on her life ever since she was a little girl. She began singing at the ripe age of five and has had a love for music since she could remember. Her parents placed her in various talents shows and events because she had no fear of the stage. Chantell would often entertain all of her family members at gatherings and her parents knew that their was a special gift on her life. At the age of twelve Evangelist Rosson along with one of her best friends went to a youth conference that was under the covering of Unlimited Gospel Expressions. At this event Chantell met the Lord, Gave her heart to Christ and made a vow to serve and minister for Him forever!! At the age of fourteen she joined the highly anointed group “Praise Ensemble” under the headship of Elder Ronald Rosson. Chantell has traveled the country extensively proclaiming God’s word and singing His praises. While singing with the “Praise Ensemble” Chantell had the privilege of opening up for various headliners, groups such as the Winans, John P. Kee, Shirley Ceasar, Fred Hammond, Bebe & Cece and Darryl Coley just to name a few. At the age of 18 Evangelist Rosson received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Audibly heard God say; Go,Teach all nations, Baptizing them in the name of the Father,The Son and The Holy Spirit. Evangelist Rosson moved into adulthood and she accepted her call into Pulpit Ministry prior to being chosen as an Evangelist. Chantell was first elevated to Minister in the year of 2012 and has since been Licensed and Ordained as an Evangelist of this Great Gospel in 2017. Evangelist Rosson is a Faithful Leader at New Dawn Restoration Center of Tampa under the Leadership of Bishop Julia and Overseer Terry McMillian. Evangelist Rosson has been preaching, evangelizing and singing at various churches, conferences, mentoring and leadership workshops and special engagements for over thirty years. Evangelist Chantell is the mother of two beautiful children Ron Rosson II, & Jaylan Rosson. Evangelist Rosson preaches that life can bring many challenges for the believer, but encourages people every where that although the people of God suffers violence…We God’s chosen people can “Recover All” & TAKE Back what the devil stole from us! Evangelist Rosson’s motto and favorite scripture has always been “Favor is deceitful and Beauty is vain but a Woman that Feareth the Lord she shall be Praised.” Proverbs 31:30


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