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LARGE International

Love And Respect God's Entrepreneurs International

is a powerful directory for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Every successful business was once an idea.

 Our  mission is to support entrepreneurs and the local economy, by merging local resources in one place on the web, pointing local consumers to quality small businesses within their community

The greatest economic resource to grow any business is

a constant flow of new customers.

Our MERGE Formula is a 30-day plan to increase

customer count,

customer loyalty, and customer spending.



Customers are the life blood of your business.


How can you get more customers without spending,

thousands of dollars on an Ad Campaign?

 LARGE International has the answer,

"Maximum Economic Resource Gathering Exchange"


 This is how it works!


You enter as one, then invite 4 companies you shop with to your circle. When they join, the economic resources of now 5 companies are merged in a circle of exchange. In one weeks time your customer base has been maximized 4 times. Now imagine what can happen in 4 short weeks!   1-4-16-64-256. You can maximize your client base 256 times larger than it is right now.

Now you have a circle of 256 companies that have a mutual interest in your companies success.

Why? It's simple Economics!

If you merge 256 small business owners, that generate an average of $30 Thousand in annual revenue, which they commit to spend only with each other, that would amount to a $7.6 Million Dollar Wealth Circle.

The diversity in the merge of businesses, is what makes the money stay in the circle.

When you M.E.R.G.E. @ LARGE INTL. your business becomes a part of a Wealth Circle. Each new business adds value, and wealth to the circle! Our motto is simple; Support those who support You! A simple commitment can increase your profits an estimated, $2500 Dollars. More money on the bottom line of each of the participating companies each month, with no additional spending.

Let's do the math;

$30,000.00 x 256= $7,680,000.00/12 = $640,000.00/256 = $2500.00

The M.E.R.G.E. MOVEMENT is on, and it is FREE!


Upgrade To VIP Membership!

$99.00 per year($300 value)


We have designed the LARGE VIP membership to be a virtually free system as well.

So when you invite others to join your VIP circle we

pay you a 25% referral commission .

That means when 4 you invite,  join your VIP Wealth Circle 

your annual membership is now virtually FREE for life!


At LARGE we don't just sell you a dream, we help you to build yours!


Creating Multiple Streams of Income

LARGE International


We are empowering  Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

We believe that the strongest way to grow your business is,

with a network of companies that are committed to support each

other, first. Companies that understand the importance of

Quality Customer Service!


Here at LARGE International we provide three things

Low Cost, Convenience, and Customers


Here are 3 reasons to Join Now!

1) Control rising cost, and cater to your business growth.

2) 65% of  Americans shop on line before leaving home.

3) Our network provides an endless diverse customer flow.


Join us in building a better future for our children's children.



Get started right now, scroll up to our advertise  page and choose the membership that best fits your business. 

Maximum Economic Resource Gathering Exchange - MERGE Now!